An electric bike is like a normal bike but with motor and battery to assist your pedalling. It has 5 power settings and you can use it just like a normal bike.

The Classic and Step Through Electric bikes weigh just 19kg. This is light for electric bikes of this type, with 500Wh batteries, mid-drive motors, full length mudguards and integrated lighting.

We chose the Bafang M420 mid-drive motor as it offers the best performance we've experienced from our 3 years of developing our E Bikes. It utilises torque sensing, which measures how hard you are pedalling in real-time, and constantly adjusts the level of assistance. This means you get an effortless, seamless and natural feeling ride. The motor provides more assist the harder you pedal, and less assist the lighter you pedal. This means you have instant, on-demand acceleration, which makes you boost through traffic or fly up hills with ease.

Its specifications are also very impressive. It can deliver a maximum torque output of 80Nm (among the most powerful on the market, and putting it above Bosch Performance Line motors). With an average power output of 250W, it's also incredibly quiet and discrete, almost impossible to hear.

Yes, the battery can easily be removed by pressing the release button and lifting it out of the tube. This means you can store your battery at a convenient location. You can also secure the battery by locking it with the keys provided.

Yes, we offer our electric bikes on various cycle schemes. you can find more info here.

Of course. We would be more than happy if you visited us for a test ride. You can book an appointment in London or Bristol here.

We do not currently ship to every country in the world. You can find out more about shipping and what countries we ship to here.

Yes of course. You can select this option at the checkout. You can collect from our workshop in Bristol or our Store in London.

All of our E Bikes comply with the European law and the electronic assist is limited to a speed of 25km/h. It is possible to increase this limit, but doing so would void the warranty and make the E Bike illegal. For this reason, we do not condone this, or offer any advice.

You can achieve speeds of above 25km/h by pedalling faster or riding downhill, however the motor will have cut-out by this point.